R.I.P., little fawn

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen the photographs my husband took of three fawns and a mother deer in our back yard.  We have so much enjoyed the reactions of many of you to these photos.  The fawns brought us joy, and we hope to have transmitted some of that joy through the photos.

That’s why we were heartbroken today to discover one of the fawns had been hit by a car.  We were riding on the bike path near our house when we saw the doe and one fawn.  A few feet away, almost hidden by tall grass, was the dead fawn.  It looked like it’s neck had been broken.  It was only a few feet from the road, so it was probably hit by a car.fawn with momfawns running near rocksfawns behind tree

I couldn’t help crying.  My husband was terribly saddened, too.  We had a somber ride home.

I guess I’m writing this as a tribute to a beautiful little creature that brought us joy and wonder whenever we saw it. It visited us with its mother many times after I tweeted the photos a couple of weeks ago.  It laid with its twin under a tree in our yard.

I need to acknowledge the joy it brought us.  This small, innocent fawn died too young in what seems a senseless death.  Its mom can’t give it a funeral, though I’m sure she mourned its death.  So the least I can do is pay tribute to this perfectly beautiful being.  I can tell the world it mattered.  We will not forget the fawn.  Rest In Peace.

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