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With the third leg of the Triple Crown — the Belmont Stakes — coming up Saturday, June 8, the Wall Street Journal has two fascinating articles on the subject of Thoroughbred racing.

Those of you who want a good laugh should read HANDICAPPING THE WILD KINGDOM, a hilarious article about how a Thoroughbred would fare in the Belmont Stakes against various animals, including cheetahs, rhinos and tortoises. …

On a more serious note, animal rights activists worry about how Thoroughbreds are treated.  Are they drugged? Forced to run injured? Overworked?  True, there are certain trainers racing today who have sketchy reputations for running horses in iffy condition, but Thoroughbreds generally lead a far more pampered life than even Paris Hilton’s dogs.  Today’s Wall Street Journal has a marvelous article describing the perks of retired elite Thoroughbreds like Zenyatta and Big Brown: special ventilating systems, extra-large stalls, their own private pastures for grazing, special fences to prevent injuries, daily baths…the list goes on. Find the article at

Those of you who have read my blog or my books, know that my first novel, REGRET NOT A MOMENT, is set in the world of Thoroughbred racing (see blog entry RACISM AT THE RACES).  It begins in the year 1930, and spans three decades. In the book, my owner’s horses are beloved and pampered, just as many Thoroughbreds are today. I address racism and sexism in my book, but not animal rights.  I did a lot of research on my book.  It is historically accurate. Today, just as in the era of my book, it is still of note when a black or female races in the Triple Crown. As to animal rights and Thoroughbreds: that’s a whole other sticky wicket that I am not qualified to address.

My book was originally published by Little, Brown in hard cover and paper. The rights have reverted to me, and is newly available on Amazon Kindle

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