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For those who have downloaded my novel, NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS — or who haven’t yet– here is a review from RT magazine


Genre: Mainstream, General Mainstream Fiction

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Dominique Avallon’s family has been a powerful force in Egypt for years. But now the French and British influence in Egypt is failing, and the built-up anger and bitterness is overflowing into violence. Matriarch Solange Avallon decides to protect her young daughter by having her marry a French businessman living in the U.S. Young Dominique receives a double blow when she loses her first love, married British Officer Stephen Hampton, and then discovers that her new husband is a con-man who marries wealthy women for their money.

Dominique has the last laugh though, for the Egyptian government confiscates her family’s holdings, leaving them nearly destitute. Freed from her first husband, Dominique starts her life over in New York City and eventually remarries. But is it Clay Parker who truly holds her love, or the compassionate and intriguing Senator Mark Patout?

Dominique will face a lifetime of challenges as she defies society’s dictates and continues to work as an events coordinator. Those skills will come in handy when Dominique is unexpectedly forced to become the breadwinner in her family once more.

Author Nicole McGehee shines with this absorbing emotional drama which outlines the life of a complex woman who learns to face life’s challenges and her feelings head on. This novel vividly celebrates the ability of the human spirit to meet adversity and triumph in the end.

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

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