No More Lonely Nights Now Available on Amazon Kindle

As promised, my second novel, NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS, is now available on Amazon in a Kindle version for $2.99.  As I said in the previous post, this novel is based on the lives of my late mother and grandmother.

My mother passed away one day before her birthday in 2011.  She lived with me for two and half  years before she died, just as my late grandmotlonely nights kindleher lived with us for many years.

I think of my mother many times every day and I miss her.  She lived a long life, and was ambulatory until just two weeks before she died.  She had some dementia, but not Alzheimer’s.  She was still pretty sharp.

She used to love to go out to lunch, and we arranged that a couple of times a week.  She very much appreciated the beauty of nature and commented each day on the loveliness of her surroundings.  She never became jaded.

Above all, she was a woman of honor.  She kept her word and would faithfully keep a secret.  She held me to the same standards.  Her name was Iris Polster.

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