My first novel, Regret Not a Moment, is today available on Amazon Kindle.  It should be available on Barnes & Noble Nook tomorrow, but they seem to be having trouble with their upload site, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  If you go to my  Amazon author site, you’ll see a few reader reviews from some years ago when my book first caRegret - Kindle Format Like A Book[1]me out in hard cover.  I did not write them, though they are so kind that I feel the need to make that clear.  They can be found if you scroll down past the reviews from industry journals.  I hope you’ll scroll fast  because one of them was hilariously dreadful.  I’ve had nice professional reviews, too, but the dreadful one is the first one you see on the Amazon site. Of course, you, the reader, is whose opinion matters most.  For now, I have a five-star reader rating on Amazon for Regret Not a Moment.  I can only hope my luck holds out.

There was a wonderful movie starring Deborah Kerr called Tea and Sympathy.  She played a thirty-something married woman who developed a friendship with a younger, single man.  He was gawky, kind of a misfit.  At last, once — and only once — they consummated their relationship.  She said to him, “When you speak of this later — and you will — be kind.”  I’m not sure I have the exact wording correct, but it’s what I want to say to people who comment on my book!

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